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In the UK, more than 400,000 children are without a suitable bed of their own. In our referrals we hear of children sleeping on duvets on the floor, and had a request of support for a family of 5 children who all slept in one bed.


Buttle UK found that 30% of low-income households struggled to afford beds for their children in 2020 and the number is on the rise. Not having a bed to sleep in impacts neurological, physical and emotional development and affects all aspects of a child's life including education, mood, wellbeing, and relationships.

Following a successful Crowdfunder in 2023, Family2Family is pleased to offer *Beds4Kids - this campaign sees children gifted new beds, mattresses and bedding - needless to say, this provision has a huge positive impact on the beneficiaries both in the short and long term.


*This campaign is available to local families whilst funding lasts

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