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"He was so incredibly happy to receive a bag, commenting on the logo on the front. Both the child and his Dad were overwhelmed by all of the items in there. The child said “I’m ready for school now” with a big smile on his face after a period of time over the summer where he has felt very anxious about starting secondary school.


Thank you for all that you do which makes such a big difference for our families!"


Every summer we launch our Bags4School campaign; providing brand new backpacks  complete with school essentials so children from families experiencing hardship can start or return to school in September equipped with the same things as their peers. There are many benefits to this provision - not only are children given the best possible start to the school year by having the things they need, but the social benefit of 'fitting in' means they are more likely to form or sustain friendships, less likely to suffer stigma or bullying. Overall, this will all contribute to better mental health and self-esteem. 

Bags4School will be back in action in summer 2024. 

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